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 All dancers at Stars of Dance learn proper technique, terminology, and style in a creative and nurturing environment.  All classes are structured from a carefully created syllabus to ensure consistency between Stars of Dance instructors and class levels.
Creative Movement (Ages 2-3)
This early exposure of music and movement to our youngest dancers creates a positive emotion for the art of dance.  These dancers learn to count with various types of music, enjoy their own movement skills, and learn to be part of a class environment. These little dancers are instructed pre-ballet and pre-jazz techniques right from the start, in a fun positive way! Their training focuses on musicality, development in strength, flexibility, coordination and motor skill.  Dance activities and games are also used to encourage each child's self exploration in dance. 
4 - 6 year old Tap/Ballet Combo Class
Dancers learn the fundamental steps of tap dancing and begin to work them in basic patterns and combinations. Dancers will focus on learning ballet basics and the foundation of proper technique in a relaxed environment. We also incorporate dance activities and games to encourage each child's continued self exploration in dance. 

Tap & Pop
5-7 year old Combo Class
This is a combination class where dancers will learn more complex tap patterns and combinations as well as a popular fusion of jazz and hip hop also known as "street jazz".  This is a great next step for the former Tap-N-Toe student or for the beginner dancer!

Tap/Jazz Level 1 - 3 & Tween/Teen Tap & Jazz
 These are combination classes where dancers will continue to develop and progress through more complex patterns, techniques and combinations in both tap and jazz training.  The levels follow a syllabus that brings the student through a developmentally appropriate progression of skills and layering of more difficult concepts and technique work

An American dance form characterized by rapid foot-tapping movement. The dancer wears special shoes with metal cleats (plates) so that when the toe or heel is tapped on the floor it makes a distinctive percussive sound. Tap routines encompass complex rhythmical patterns and syncopated phrasing, and can be performed to a wide variety of musical styles Proper technique and terminology are stressed with all  of our dancers.
A technical form of dance which mostly has sharp, strong movements such as kicks, jumps and turns and some complicated footwork. It's also fun and a good way to show your personality. This style of dance allows our performers to execute their turns, jumps, and leaps to many different music genres such as Jazz, Blues, Broadway, Theatrical, Lyrical, Contemporary, Pop, and Street Jazz. Proper technique and terminology are stressed  with all of our dancers.
Ballet Levels
Focuses on proper body alignment, flexibility, strength, turnout, extension, flow of movement and connecting steps. The skills developed in ballet are the foundation for all styles and levels of dance. Proper technique and terminology are stressed  with all of our dancers.
Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. It is not bound by set standards, instead, it seeks to express a personalized vision. It does not refuse classical ballet's technique in favor of modern dance's stress on the torso, while it also employs contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation characteristic of modern dance.Various types of music are used for all ages to identify and enjoy.
Is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques. Students are introduced to dance concepts with focus on technique, movement quality,style, emotion & improvisation. Our dancers learn to create a story by expressing the mood, theme and lyrics of the music.
Hip Hop
Is a popular high energy class. Hip-Hop is a broad collection of urban street dance styles including Breaking, Popping, Locking, Boogaloo, Jerkin and Krumping. Hip-Hop dancing evolved from Hip-Hop culture and includes elements from Jazz, Rock, Tap, American, African and Latino dance cultures. It is a very energetic form of dance that can be choreographed or improvised.  (Music selections will always be
age appropriate)

A style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic and tumbling elements. All participants in Acro-Dance must be able to execute a back walkover and take a jazz class.
Irish Step Dancing
Well versed in Soft shoe including reels, Jigs and Slip-Jigs, Hard shoe including treble-reels, jigs and Hornpipes as well as traditional jigs, Hornpipes & custom choreographed set pieces. All students will start with soft shoe Jig, regardless of age or ability. All students will move on to Reel and Slip Jig once Soft Shoe requirements are met.
 With over 70 years of experience Patrick and Maura bring a fun and challenging approach to Irish Step Dancing.
Stars of Dance Competition Teams
Our competitive dancers are students who are serious in their pursuit of dance education and technique.  They train in Ballet,  Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Tap.  
Team members will have several exciting workshop opportunities such as Nuvo workshops, master classes and trips to Broadway Dance Center and Steps on Broadway in NYC.  These are not mandatory, but are made available for the student’s growth. There will also be several performance opportunities in the community throughout the year. 
We also offer a Mini, Petite, Junior & Senior Competition Team to offer a this experience to various ages and levels of dancers.
If your dancer is over the age of 6 and has had at least 2 years of tap/jazz or ballet experience, your dancer could qualify for one of our competitive teams.
Please speak with Jenn if you believe your child is committed to their dance education and would like to become a team member.
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